Step 1 - Setting up and Requirements

  1. Must have an SBI account with net banking and online payment facility.
  2. modern Internet browser install on your computer in which you are using to apply online appointment.
  3. Please disable popup blocker in your browser. - Click here to see how to remove popup blocker
  4. Must have an valid e-mail id in which your appointment details will be sent.

Step 2 - Fill Appointment details

  1. Go to Online LL Appointment System.
  2. Click on Apply for New LL Appointment.
  3. Select your District/ RTO.
  4. Fill Personal Details.
  5. Fill Address Details (Temporary and Permanent).
  6. Select class (Atleast 1 or or max 4).
  7. Select an Available Time slot.
  8. Click on save Button.

Step 3 - Check Appointment details

  1. Carefully check the details you fill in the application .
  2. If everything is correct then click on the Make Payment Button and proceed for Payment.
  3. Payment gateway of Online SBI will be opened enter User Name and password and pay the fees.
  4. Please do not click Refresh or Back button.

Step 4 - Print Cash Form / Receipt

  1. Click on Print Cash Form / Receipt. Click here
  2. Fill any one of the given detail either Ref Id/Trans Id or E-Mail Id or Applicant First Name (Not All) and click Search Data.
  3. The system will show you your record please check Payment Status
  4. If Payment Status is "Payment Not Confirmed" then click on the the "Full View"
  5. Please Check your SBI account whether payment has debited or not
  6. If Fees amount has not debited from your SBI account then click on "Re-Payment"
  7. If Fees amount has been debited from your SBI account and Payment Status is no Confirm then please enter SBI Ref. No. click on "Request for Re-Payment Confirmation"
  8. If Payment Status is "Payment Confirmed" then click on the the "Full View"
  9. Print Receipt and Form.

Step 5 - Documents to be carried with you at Concern RTO/DTO Office.

  1. You have to reach at your concern RTO/DTO office on appointment date and time with the following documents.
  2. Cash Receits of paid fees.
  3. Form 2.
  4. Form 1.
  5. Form 1A.
  6. Valid ID proof.
  7. Valid Address proof
  8. 3 Recent Passport size Photographs.

Importants Notes

  1. You will be tested by the licencing Authority on Appointment Date on Tablet based application
    for Practice Test Click Here
  2. Verify your document by concern Clerk